""In Him we live and move and

have our being. For we are indeed

His offspring."

Acts 17: 28

God is our source of inspiration, our motivation, our reason for being!! In God we place our trust and confidence. In God we have our hopes and dreams.

As Christians this is very comforting to us, especially in a time when "trust" and "confidence" and even "respect" seem to be lacking in our society. It is very comforting to know - believe - feel - the power and presence of

God in our lives.

As we live and move about, day-in and day-out, to know we are God's "offspring" gives us the strength and the courage to carry on, not only with confidence but with conviction as well.

May we always look to God for the inspiration and motivation for all we do. May we always do everything for the great honor and wonderful glory of Almighty God.

In Peace and Love,