The leaves are falling. The temperatures are dropping. The days are shorter and soon the first frost will dust the ground. The Fall season has sprung upon us with its splendor and colorful magic.

   Soon, the beauty and warmth of summer will be replaced by the cold and damp of winter. The once-beautiful flowers and trees will shed their luster and be dormant until Spring.

   The seasonal changes always remind me of who is in charge. The workings and wonders and miracles of God's creation never cease to amaze me. It always reminds me of the verse:

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."

   I do not believe it is by accident that the season of Thanksgiving occurs during fall. The fall season is a great time to say, "Thanks, God. Thanks for the beautiful earth you have given to us. Thanks for the wonders of nature and your great love. Thanks for the greatness and goodness we receive from You!!"

   Know that God is still in charge, not only of the seasons, but over all creation, including each of us.

                  Thanks Be To God!

                                               Happy Thanksgiving!!

In Peace and Love,