"He is not here; for He has risen."

Matthew 28:6

These words of the Angel to the women at the tomb remind all of us of the joy, the wonder, the miracle of the resurrection. As we celebrate the victory of Easter, we are also reminded that our salvation was purchased with an extremely "high price," the life of Christ!

There would be no Easter without Good Friday. There would be no joy of salvation without the sorrow of the cross. Victory always has a price, a cost to it! The victory of the resurrection was paid for by the cost of the crucifixion.

Most of us are always eager to celebrate Easter, and rightly so, for we have much to celebrate. However, may we always remember why and what we celebrate and who paid for it.

"He is not here, for He has risen." These are tremendous words to read and to hear. May this Easter Season bring to each of us the joy, wonder, and miracle these very words brought to the women at the tomb that first Easter morning. May these words also remind us of the ONE who arose and the omnipotence of the ONE who made it all possible.

May the spectacular joy, wonder, and miraculous victory of this Easter Season be with you all!

In Peace and Love,