For God so loved the world that He gave

His only Son, that whoever believes

in Him should not perish, but have

eternal life."

John 3:16

The month of February is often connected with love, given that Valentine's Day comes in the middle of the month. However, the love of God is never limited to one day or one month.

God's love is just there. Each day and every day; week in, week out. The love of God flows forth like a stream that never runs dry. God's love quenches our thirst, it cleanses our soul, it refreshes us when we feel dry and picks up our spirits when we feel alone.

God's love reaches out to each one of us. It reaches out to us through his Son, Jesus Christ. May each one of us celebrate the love of God in our hearts and minds and share that love with everyone we meet every day of our lives.

In Peace and Love,